PEO vs Outsourcing: How to Make the Best Decision for Your Company

4 Reasons to Outsource Your HR You would think that once you have found and hired the perfect employee or freelancer, the hard work is done. In reality, the work has just begun. You still must take care of the onboarding, as well as training and development. Then there is payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation, unemployment, READ MORE

4 Reasons to Lose Your DIY Mentality on Bookkeeping

Do you have a DIY Mentality when it comes to bookkeeping? Have you ever Googled “DIY Mentality?” Unless you’re an entrepreneur, you might be surprised by the number of business-related search results. As entrepreneurs, we take pride in doing things ourselves. We’re resilient and resourceful, running lean to minimize costs and maximize profit. We take READ MORE

5 Reasons to Move Your Bookkeeping to the Cloud

Are you managing your business on a desktop computer? Or, on a laptop that needs to be behind your company’s firewall to be effective? Here’s a better question: Do you have to cut your vacation short to run payroll? What if you learned there is another way? What if moving your bookkeeping to the cloud READ MORE

Lead Like A Woman

Thanks to a networking opportunity for alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, I had the opportunity for an interview on the Lead Like A Woman podcast. As part of this lively conversation, Andrea, asked me what advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs. Frankly, my answer is excellent advice for anyone. It came from someone who READ MORE