Security Practices To Better Protect Your Business

As technology continues to evolve, more and more activities are being moved online. This is especially true in business. Cloud-based technologies have offered companies the ability to be nimbler and more flexible. Now people can collaborate remotely on almost anything. It can be an amazing thing, but it does come with a downside. If it’s READ MORE

Why We Love Cloud-based Bookkeeping

We truly love cloud-based bookkeeping. We’re basically evangelists of the cause. The days of installing programs onto your computer’s hard drive are long gone.  Everything is in the cloud now. Even the people who still use spreadsheets for their bookkeeping typically use Microsoft 365 (or Google Suite) to back up their work. Cloud computing or storing and accessing data/programs through the internet, is here, and it’s your friend. Most small businesses READ MORE

5 Reasons to Move Your Bookkeeping to the Cloud

Are you managing your business on a desktop computer? Or, on a laptop that needs to be behind your company’s firewall to be effective? Here’s a better question: Do you have to cut your vacation short to run payroll? What if you learned there is another way? What if moving your bookkeeping to the cloud READ MORE