Enter the Age of Bookkeeping Automation

Remember The Jetsons? George Jetson’s job consisted of sitting behind a desk and pushing a single button while his computer handled the rest. Automation – It seemed so out there at the time. Welcome to the future, where you can automate a lot of administrative small business tasks that weren’t possible even ten years ago. The less manual administration READ MORE

Bookkeeping The HireEffect Way: Surpassing Your Expectations

At HireEffect, we offer a variety of services, one of which is bookkeeping. Finances are an important part of any successful business. As the saying goes, you need to know your numbers. Where is your money going? How does your income compare to your expenses? Are there any products/services you provide that cost more than READ MORE

Starting Strong: Productivity, Process, and People

Starting Strong: Part Two In our last post, we advised starting the new year off with clean books, so you help you have a better handle on your financials can make better business decisions. Our advice to start by analyzing your Chart of Accounts applies to every industry. But different industries have different key performance READ MORE

5 Reasons to Move Your Bookkeeping to the Cloud

Are you managing your business on a desktop computer? Or, on a laptop that needs to be behind your company’s firewall to be effective? Here’s a better question: Do you have to cut your vacation short to run payroll? What if you learned there is another way? What if moving your bookkeeping to the cloud READ MORE

AI-assisted Data Analysis is Awesome, but You Still Need Humans

AI-assisted Data Analysis Artificial Intelligence (AI) resources and AI-assisted Data Analysis tools have become indispensable to today’s businesses. The 2019 CIO Agenda Survey by Gartner shows that in the last four years, the use of AI has increased by 270%. In the last year alone, the number of organizations that have deployed AI has more READ MORE