Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

recruiting and talent acquisition

Finding the right people to join your team.

Our team recognizes the importance of finding the right people to join your team. Our recruiters, taking advantage of our experience across multiple industries, will do more than verify a candidate’s skills and expertise. We place a strong emphasis on core values and organizational culture fit and will screen for both during the interview process.

Some of the specific talent acquisition services we offer include:

  • Retained Executive Search – In the same way that each company is different, our executive search consultants understand that each leader is different. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and identify the right candidate profile to fill them. Then through extensive research and in-depth interviewing, we will present you with a short list of qualified executives eager to be a part of your leadership team.
  • High-volume Talent Sourcing (Recruiting-as-a-Service) – For situations where you have a high-volume need, our talent sourcing team can manage the entire recruiting function for your organization and even represent ourselves as part of your internal team. We can effectively craft market-appropriate job descriptions, determine competitive compensation parameters, create marketing material, distribute job ads, and even manage your recruitment advertising spend. If you need to supplement your existing recruiting team we offer a variety of support services including crafting job descriptions, scorecards, job ads, behavioral and competency interview training, effective practices for post-hire management, and more. By taking a close look at your existing talent acquisition practices, we can provide the metrics you need to see what is working, and what could be changed to enhance your success.

Finding More Than an Extra Pair of Hands

employees 600x600The prospect of adding new people to your organization can be both exciting and intimidating. There is a full range of concerns that are involved when looking to hire someone new to become a part of your existing culture. We offer effective talent acquisition services to help ease the expense of time and stress that comes with searching for new employees.

Talent acquisition services involve more than just recruiting. This includes effective planning that involves a close look at the current state of your organization to determine the skills and experience needed by potential employees to be sure they will be successful. Along with this, we also develop a strategy for employment branding to get the attention of desirable candidates along with a series of core metrics to track and improve the overall recruitment process for your organization.

By choosing HireEffect as your source for talent acquisition services, you will be able to save yourself and your organization both time and money by taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience. With decades of recruiting experience, our team can quickly develop an effective talent acquisition process that will align with your needs to attract, recruit, and retain candidates.

Don’t Let Those Seats Stay Empty

no empty seatsTo realize continued success in the highly competitive recruiting environment of the modern world, having a solid strategy is vital. Without spending a huge amount of time and resources to fine-tune the specific talent acquisition practices of your organization, the best option is to outsource this process to a group of experienced professionals. We recognize that your people are your most valuable asset, and we have decades of experience helping our clients find the right people for the right jobs so that everyone involved can enjoy a successful, productive business relationship.

The Benefits of Experience

Thanks to the power of modern technology, the competition for candidates is getting fiercer every day. By taking advantage of professional talent acquisition services, you and your organization can get ahead of your competitors. Outsourced talent acquisition services are a great way to access the expertise and knowledge your organization will need to stand out and draw in the best and the brightest people in your industry.

Finding new talent for your organization is about more than just reading a resume and matching up some core skills. We take a comprehensive look at your organization to make sure that your brand and talent acquisition processes are lined up properly. This means that whether you’re looking to fill a niche role that requires a very particular skill set or immediately hire some new help, the candidates will be drawn from the right talent pools.

Focus on People

In today’s economy, it is getting harder and harder for businesses to generate organic growth. It is our mission to provide workforce advisory services that set new standards for the people advisory and talent management industries.

This translates into happier and more engaged employees which, in turn, translates to happier and more engaged customers.

By focusing on the factors that drive employee productivity and maximize profitability, we help you grow. By focusing on the factors that help your employees feel a true sense of belonging and significance, we help you retain your top talent.

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