High-Volume Recruiting Services

High-Volume Recruiting Services HireEffect

When you have high-volume recruiting needs, we manage all the recruiting for your company. We effectively:

  • Craft recruitment marketing materials,
  • Manage your applicant tracking solutions, and
  • Oversee your job ad budget.

There’s no better choice for talent sourcing when you need to find multiple people for a role simultaneously. From a manufacturing plant to a call center to a traveling service technician and everything in between, we have the experience to hire the right people at the right price.

talent sourcing helpTalent Sourcing Help

Today’s job seekers are more educated and talented than ever before. They’re not afraid to ask for what they’re worth. The pool of potential candidates is also large and competitive. It can be difficult to sift through applications and resumes to find someone who meets the position’s qualifications, while also staying within your company’s hiring budget. It can be an overwhelming amount of work for one person to handle. That’s where we come in!

We combine today’s technology with the winning hiring strategies we’ve perfected over three decades to fill your job openings with qualified candidates. Whether you need 30, 60, 90, or 180 hires, we do the hard work for you. This leaves you time to focus on growing your business.

Our High-Volume Recruiting Services

High-volume recruiting can fill several job openings at one time. This usually applies to positions like customer service reps, tech support agents, outside sales representatives, and service professionals. If you’re looking to hire staff for a new call center location or fill some gaps on a new production line, we have you covered. Our team will take the lead by:

  • Drafting market-appropriate job descriptions and compensation parameters to attract the right applicants
  • Creating marketing materials and job ads to increase job opening visibility
  • Managing your ad budget
  • Managing the entire recruiting function
  • Representing your business as part of your internal team
  • Sourcing, screening, assessing, and presenting qualified candidates
  • Assisting in the offer negotiation process as needed

We know how to find and secure the talent for your organization when you need it. We can manage as little or as much of the hiring process as you like. Our team of experienced professionals will always represent your company in a respectful and positive way. Your reputation is safe with us. Best of all, we get to really know your company culture to ensure we never send you a candidate who isn’t suitable for the job. At HireEffect™, we are all about finding the right combination of talent, personality, and values to make your team complete.

The Difference

It’s not enough these days to place a job ad and hope candidates find it, but some recruiters still operate that way. By doing business with them, you’re hamstringing your own chances of finding ideal candidates for your open positions. Successful job placements require focus, effort, expertise, and persistence. You need a recruiter who knows how to attract and entice the best potential hires.

Our team spends time getting to know you and learning about your company’s philosophy and values. Then we proactively seek out the most qualified and compatible candidates. After thorough screenings and interviews, we present our choices to you. We get the job done on time and within your budget!

You’ll Benefit from Our Experience

Finding new talent for your organization is about more than just reading a resume and matching up some core skills. At HireEffect™, we take a comprehensive look at your organization to make sure your brand and talent acquisition processes are aligned. Whether you need high-volume recruiting efforts or one placement for a high-level position, we are the experts who will get it done. Call our Dallas or New York office today to get started!