About HireEffect

About HireEffect

Our Start

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HireEffect has been helping organizations across a variety of industries grow and expand their operations since 2007.

Jennifer Scott originally started our company with one purpose: to create jobs by helping small founder-led and family-owned businesses leverage the benefits of enterprise-level recruitment strategies. We understand that many business owners and entrepreneurs are not necessarily experts at hiring or managing talent. So we decided to be the solution. Instead of simply checking skills off a list, we focus on company culture and core values. That is how we became a valuable recruiting asset for many organizations.

And we wanted to do more.

Jennifer & Chris Scott - Owners of HireEffect
Jennifer and Chris Scott

In 2018, Chris joined the HireEffect team, and we expanded our core services. Now we also offer bookkeeping, payroll, HR, technology and automation, and business advisory services.

Since Jennifer graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program in April 2020, our team has more than doubled in size. We continue to help as many business owners as possible get out of the back office and back to running their businesses. We are responsive and proactive, and we know your industry. It is like having a business partner in your back pocket. We are here whenever you need us.

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Our Philosophy

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Our Purpose (why we exist):

HireEffect™ is a proud member of Conscious Capitalism. We follow conscious business practices, and we are driven by service to our purpose – to help founder-led and family-owned businesses thrive and grow, creating jobs in the communities we serve.

Our Way (how we do it):

With each stakeholder’s needs as our compass, our People First | Technology Forward approach allows us to combine bookkeeping, payroll, HR, recruiting, and client advisory services with the right technology to reduce administrative headaches, drive process efficiency and effectiveness, and unlock growth potential for our clients.

Our Impact (the higher effect we have):

When business owners get out of the back office and back into what they started their business for in the first place, they can focus their time and talents on pursuing their vision and making a positive difference in our society.

Our Conscious Business Promise (our values):

  • We Put People First: We do whatever it takes to meet our commitments. We strive to always act for the greater good. We put our reputation before our profits. We value output, not hours put in.
  • We Are Technology Forward: We leverage automation whenever possible. We strive for “Zero Data Entry”. We stay on top of the latest apps and add-ons. We add value that goes beyond expectations to make our clients’ lives easier.
  • We Drive Change: We look for new ways to be more effective in our work. We strive for continuous improvement. We find solutions for every problem by asking the right questions. We create positive outcomes.
  • We Embrace Accountability: We expect as much from ourselves as we expect from others. We strive to educate our clients to make the most of their time and to manage it carefully. We ask for help when we need it. We do what we say we’re going to do. We take responsibility for our actions, speak up, and look for solutions when there is a problem.

Our Process

We know that simply adding technology to a broken process only makes a more complicated broken process. We put people first, learn how you do business, and work with you to build customized solutions to meet your needs.

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Our Stakeholder Orientation

HireEffect Stakeholders

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