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what we do

At HireEffect, we know it takes a village to manage your business. We’re entrepreneurs, too. We get it.

We help founders find freedom by combining outsourced advisory services with the right technology to get business owners out of the back office and in front of their customers.

Our holistic suite of services is designed for business owners who:

  • Appreciate efficiency
  • Embrace technology, and
  • Want to grow their business.

Our People First | Technology Forward approach allows us to combine enterprise-level expertise with the right tools to give owner-led businesses a competitive edge.

We create a custom solution to fit your specific needs, which can include bookkeeping, payroll, HR, and recruiting. Because we’re pretty sure you didn’t start your business to learn QuickBooks or federal and state employment laws.


Why Choose Us?

why choose us

We believe in reliability, security, partnership, and community. That’s why we call our services “Outsourced Advisory Services.”

We are more than one person, and still personal. And we’re responsive.

We always assign at least two people to work with each of our clients. This means that even if someone is out unexpectedly or taking some personal time, there is always someone here who fully understands your business and is informed about your specific situation.

We go beyond compliance. We consult, collaborate, and communicate weekly.

We are strategic partners and advisors. We provide financial information that helps our clients better inform their decision-making and improve performance. And as active members of Conscious Capitalism, our goal is to boost the U.S. economy one small business at a time. By supporting owner/founder-led and family-owned businesses on their path toward growth, we help create jobs in the communities we serve. And since we are a virtual advisory services team serving the entire U.S., that’s a lot of jobs.

We have in-depth knowledge of technology integration. We make systems work together.

And we use a level of data security that is not typically seen in a small business environment. The systems we use for sending, receiving, and storing data meet current banking and financial data security standards. And we are proud to be HIPAA compliant as well.

From Our Clients

HireEffect has been a blessing.

“HireEffect has been a blessing to LWCF. Following a challenging period where our finances were quite disorganized, they came in on a white horse and magically put everything in order! I cannot thank you enough for all you do for our non-profit. Wiring money to so many countries and maintaining the multitude of details you and your staff continue to do, with perseverance and compassion, is quite impressive. Thank you.”

Sherry Fine
Director, Living Water Children’s Fund

Great Communicators

“I love HireEffect! They handle our accounting and guide us in most of our big decisions as our company grows. They are great communicators and have been a huge blessing to my business.”

Melissa Teague
Founder, Simply Chic Rentals

Taken us to the next level!

“HireEffect, with their variety of capabilities, have supported our fast growing company since 2008. From the assessment and re-design of our recruiting strategy and process, to educating a Chinese team of professionals as to what Recruitment Marketing is and how it applies to candidate attraction and internal employee engagement. This enabled us to create a company talent acquisition strategy that has taken us to the next level!”

Chief Human Resources Officer
Business Process Outsourcing Firm

Commitment to Improve Performance

“The professionalism and customer service at HireEffect would be enough for me to recommend them to any other small business owner. But it’s their commitment to continually improve their performance that impresses me the most. I can’t imagine a better business relationship than the one I have with HireEffect.”

Michael Anderson
Director of Operations, Sprout Home

Attentive to your needs!

“We love working with HireEffect. They are attentive to your needs! The best part about working with them is that they take all feedback seriously. If something is not running smoothly they are constantly trying to improve.”

Maria Diaz
Executive Director, GVC Chamber of Commerce

Transformed and improved the way I do business.

“Working with HireEffect has transformed and improved the way I do business. As a therapist and author working solo, I need a team I can count on to manage the bookkeeping, accounting, and budgeting details I don’t have the time for. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

David Ortmann
Therapist & Author

Able to work on my business. Not paperwork.

“Since we have taken on HireEffect they have helped us do so much more than I ever expected. What used to take me hours to accomplish Chris, Jennifer and their hardworking team have brought me out from around my desk to be able to work on my business. Not paperwork. I am more focused than ever to grow and accomplish more since bringing them on. So, if you’re tired of countless hours banging your head on the desk and you’re frustrated that your business isn’t where you imagined it. Call HireEffect. You won’t be sorry.”

Rick McCarty
Founder, Brothers Outdoor Services

Critical Edge

“I find that we are competing more for talent than customers. Keeping that in mind, I am so grateful to have HireEffect as a resource to give us that critical edge when recruiting.”

Rob Levin
Owner, RSL Media

You blew me away.

“You blew me away. Probably the most informative and practical business conversation I’ve had since Jersey 5 years ago.”

Lisa D.
Business Owner, Marketing Consultant

Great recruiting team

“Thank you so much! Your recruiting team has been great in this whole process. I am really excited for this new opportunity and warmer weather! I’m not going to miss the snow at all! Over the last few months, I have talked to several recruiters, but I would like to acknowledge that your team was one of the easiest to work with considering I was not the ideal match (“unicorn”). However, (new employer) thought I could be valuable in other aspects of the business than the advertised job, opening up a new opportunity. Many recruiters I talked with were very focused on matching the posted job requirements, but during our first call you showed flexibility as I had strong experience and start-up background. I thought that was very valuable for me.”

Instrumental in developing an innovative recruiting strategy.

“HireEffect was instrumental in developing an innovative recruiting strategy and then, implementing, monitoring and managing the process, while leading a team of virtual recruiters to help us through a period of very rapid National growth. Leaning on Jennifer’s knowledge of recruiting, staffing industry experience, and interviewing / selection expertise, we were able to hire a very large number of great people in a very short period of time.”

Kevin Donnelly


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