Employee Recognition – It’s Not Just For The Holidays

How often do you think about employee recognition? This time of year, as we give thanks, spread cheer, and celebrate new beginnings, employee recognition becomes “a thing.” Holiday parties, year-end bonuses, and maybe even gifts have a long history in the workplace. And perhaps this year, as we look back on 2021, it may seem READ MORE

Hiring Bookkeepers During The Great Resignation – Right Now – Expert Advice from a Top Recruiter

Hiring bookkeepers, or frankly many other roles at this time, is hard. Every outlet from CNBC to Wikipedia is talking about this phenomenon. But let’s face it. This isn’t new. Even Forbes says: “There is one word that keeps surfacing in these discussions: belongingness, the feeling of being accepted or approved by a group or READ MORE

Hiring For Cultural Fit: The Right Questions To Ask

Business owners often ask about how to determine cultural fit during an interview. The real question here is, how do you define culture? Are you looking to see if they will be successful in your physical work environment? You can ask them to describe what work environment or culture they believe they will be productive READ MORE

Interview Advice From Recruiters To Job Seekers

Everywhere you look there is advice on how to write the perfect resume or what the best answer is to the ultimate interview questions. (Spoilers: it’s not 42. Disappointing, I know.) Some of these places offer really good advice. Unfortunately, there is more than one way to nail an interview. Different companies use different processes READ MORE