Why We Love Cloud-based Bookkeeping

We truly love cloud-based bookkeeping. We’re basically evangelists of the cause. The days of installing programs onto your computer’s hard drive are long gone.  Everything is in the cloud now. Even the people who still use spreadsheets for their bookkeeping typically use Microsoft 365 (or Google Suite) to back up their work. Cloud computing or storing and accessing data/programs through the internet, is here, and it’s your friend. Most small businesses READ MORE

3 Critical Signs You Need A New Bookkeeping Service

Signs you need a bookkeeping service in the first place: A good bookkeeper does a lot more than just record numbers into a spreadsheet or bookkeeping software, like QuickBooks or Xero. In addition to recording daily transactions in your general ledger and providing your monthly financial reports, a good bookkeeper, whether on staff or outsourced, READ MORE

3 Key Reasons You Need a Bookkeeping Services Solution

There are bookkeeping solutions, software like QuickBooks and Xero, tools like Excel spreadsheets, or even manila folders or shoeboxes to be revisited around tax time. Then there are bookkeeping services, sometimes provided by a family member or friend or a paid bookkeeper – on staff or contracted – or even your CPA. But then there’s READ MORE

4 Reasons to Lose Your DIY Mentality on Bookkeeping

Do you have a DIY Mentality when it comes to bookkeeping? Have you ever Googled “DIY Mentality?” Unless you’re an entrepreneur, you might be surprised by the number of business-related search results. As entrepreneurs, we take pride in doing things ourselves. We’re resilient and resourceful, running lean to minimize costs and maximize profit. We take READ MORE