How To Recruit Talent In a Tight Labor Market

Sometimes, finding quality candidates for a job is harder than it should be. Take now for example. Unemployment benefits are going back to their normal levels, so you would think that means more people are looking for jobs. Yet some companies are still struggling to recruit talent in a tight labor market. Have you run READ MORE

Attracting and Hiring the Right Candidates

The competition is fierce for hiring top talent. Many say it’s more difficult to find “A Players” than it is to find customers and clients. You are not alone in your conclusion that recruiting and hiring are hard! An understanding of the role marketing plays in the hiring process can help. Recruitment marketing can be READ MORE

True Diversity: The Next Frontier for the Accounting Industry

Understanding the Business Case for Diversity Workplace diversity may best be described as the blend of individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors — all coming together to achieve a company’s vision. Vision is an important concept for small businesses. There are multiple definitions of the word: the sense of sight, a thought or READ MORE