Hiring For Cultural Fit: The Right Questions To Ask

Business owners often ask about how to determine cultural fit during an interview. The real question here is, how do you define culture? Are you looking to see if they will be successful in your physical work environment? You can ask them to describe what work environment or culture they believe they will be productive READ MORE

The Small Business Recruiting Advantage: The Power of Being Flexible

The art of finding and hiring the right person for the right role is a tricky one indeed. Especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. According to this article on Inc.com, it is getting to the point where most businesses are giving up on hiring. What they didn’t mention, though, was the small business recruiting advantage. READ MORE

How To Recruit Talent In a Tight Labor Market

Sometimes, finding quality candidates for a job is harder than it should be. Take now for example. Unemployment benefits are going back to their normal levels, so you would think that means more people are looking for jobs. Yet some companies are still struggling to recruit talent in a tight labor market. Have you run READ MORE