New Year – Fresh Start: Everything You Need To Know To Prep for Year-End

New year – fresh start. Cliché? Yes. Possible? Also, yes. Especially when it comes to your accounting and bookkeeping processes. We talked about the importance of cleaning up your books earlier this month. In preparation for Q1 planning, you want accurate insights into your profitability, a strong cash position, and the confidence that you can READ MORE

Small Business Tax Prep: 7 Dates You Need to Know Right Now

Don’t you love tax-time? No? Just us? Not feeling it? We get it. We’re bookkeepers… We know we love tax-time prep, and we know that we may be alone in that sentiment. Despite the year we’ve had, there is some good tax-time news. Any stimulus payments you received in 2020 won’t impact your tax refund. READ MORE