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Technology Advisory Services

At HireEffect, we put Technology Forward.TM This one is harder to talk about, but easy to use!
So let's go with some examples instead.

Receipt Bank + Gusto + Xero

You (or your employees) can take a picture of your receipt and send your reimbursable expenses for approval via smart phone and/or computer. Those expenses can be approved with one click, be sent right into Gusto Payroll, and with no additional data entry, sent from Gusto to Xero, all properly coded: payroll, payroll taxes, and reimbursable expenses.

MileIQ + Receipt Bank + Gusto + QuickBooks Online

Very similar to the example above, these applications allow you (or again, your employees) to easily differentiate between business and personal mileage, and push reimbursable mileage to payroll. When you run payroll, the info is automatically added to (and coded properly in) QBO with virtually #ZeroDataEntry!

Expensify + basically any cloud-based accounting platform out there

Expensify, with their tagline, “expense reports that don’t suck!” ensures that expenses are coded accurately in real time, both giving admins better visibility into company financials and making it easy for people to deal with filing tedious expense reports. Gone are the days of taping crumpled receipts to a piece of paper and scanning/emailing (or worse, faxing!) for approval and reimbursement.

One amazing feature in Expensify is the ability to automatically import your receipts from travel providers, Uber / Lyft drives, parking services, food delivery and more! You’ll never leave money on the table for missed expenses again!

Automation is not just for bookkeeping!
Yes you can. We can help.

Whether it's bookkeeping, recruiting, sales or marketing automation: from self-employed solopreneurs to small and mid-sized business owners, we get you OUT of the back office and back IN to why you started your business in the first place!