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Outsourced CFO Services

A Cost-Effective Solution For Financial Strategy

Quite a few growing businesses reach a point where they need the experience, guidance, and knowledge of a financial professional, but aren’t ready to take on the cost associated with hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) internally. For organizations in this situation, the choice to hire an outsourced CFO can be the ideal answer. At HireEffect, our team of financial professionals have decades of experience and have served as controllers for organizations across a variety of industries.

It is always important for a business owner to develop a solid business strategy that starts with effective financial planning. Along with this, proper oversight for future growth can be vital to continued success. Unfortunately, many business owners decide to try taking on this responsibility themselves and aren’t able to take advantage of the benefits of developing a strong relationship with a knowledgeable CFO. By choosing to partner with HireEffect to secure the services of an outsourced CFO, you can feel confident in the knowledge that future growth and increasingly complex financial concerns will not be a roadblock on your path towards even greater success.

The befits of choosing to work with an outsourced CFO include:

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Reduced Annual Costs

On average, the annual salary for a full-time CFO can be anywhere between $125,000 to $250,000 or more. At HireEffect, we can provide access to a fully qualified CFO without the expense of looking for the right person to join your team and hiring them full-time.

Objective Analysis

When you work with an outsourced CFO, you can enjoy the benefits of an impartial viewpoint. This means that you can feel confident that their advice will be objective when discussing business or financial decisions.

Strategic Leadership

Under the guidance and leadership of an outsourced CFO, you can feel secure that your organization’s financial and business goals are lined up. Growth can be a challenge for many organizations, and a CFO can provide essential guidance and advice so you can make informed choices.

Financial Knowledge You Can Rely On

An outsourced CFO has the skills and expertise needed to move at full pace from the very first day. With decades of experience, our CFOs can provide the important strategic services you need to accelerate growth, increase profits, and get the most out of your operations. Whether you are at the start of your business or searching for a way to efficiently tackle the challenges of a new project, having access to an outsourced CFO can be a highly effective way to mitigate potential costs to your organization. 

Some of the benefits of having an outsourced CFO work with you and your team include:

  • Financial Operations Support – Process mapping to effectively identify opportunities to increase productivity.
  • Establishment and Tracking of Performance Metrics – From GAAP compliant financials to the tracking of balance sheets and various accounts, an outsourced CFO can provide customized reporting of key metrics and important financial analysis data.
  • Income Management – By taking a deep dive into your organizational finances, an outsourced CFO will be able to monitor your regular cash flow and report on the current sources and uses of your organization’s funds.
  • Coordination for Audits and Tax Filing – From handling internal audits to managing your upcoming tax filings, the services of an outsourced CFO can play an integral role in the continued growth and success of your organization by easing the burden of complicated financial rules and systems.

Putting the Needs of Your Organization First

At HireEffect, every member of our team understands that the success of your organization is vital to our own success. By helping you grow, we can grow right along with you. This means that when you choose to work with us for outsourced CFO services, you will be getting more than the full knowledge and support of a highly experienced individual. You will also have access to the resources of an organization committed to your growth and success.

Hiring an outsourced CFO doesn’t mean that you will receive a substandard quality of work or commitment compared to an employee you’ve hired internally. Instead, it means that you will have access to the resources and knowledge your organization needs to achieve future success, on your terms. Whether you need short-term support to navigate a turbulent growth period or the long-term guidance of a financial expert, we are always ready to help you achieve success without the stress and cost of finding the right employee to join your team.


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