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Business Services

At HireEffect, we tailor our solutions to your company as your needs change.

Our team combines a people-first, technology-forward approach to bookkeeping and back-office processes that reduce administrative headaches, drive process efficiency, and unlock growth potential for our clients. And, we're vendor agnostic. We work with the technology that works best with you.

Set up

We will get you all set up on a cloud-based bookkeeping system including creating your chart of accounts, entering / importing any historical data, integrating and syncing all your bank feeds and credit card accounts, and confirming all balances are correct. We will also set up and integrate any other agreed-upon technology solutions identified in our consultation.

Clean up / Catch up

If you're behind in your bookkeeping, or it has simply been neglected, we will set your records straight. We'll even go through your shoe boxes and match your expenses with your receipts. We can do all of this as a stand-alone service to get you ready for your next big thing, or do this to get you ready to transition to our ongoing services.

Outsourced Bookkeeping - Ongoing Services

We're serious about your books. We will conduct daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly regular bookkeeping services, depending on your transaction volume. We can do as much - or as little - as you want us to. We can pay your vendors, record your expenses, process your invoices and collect your revenue. We can even file your sales taxes, run your payroll and manage your payroll taxes. Either way, we will reconcile and balance your books including any of the third-party applications (payment apps, expense tracking apps, inventory apps, etc.) and closing your books at year-end to enable timely filing of tax returns.