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Automation – It’s Time to Take Your Life Back

Technology does not have to be scary. Do you own a business and have employees who depend on you? Do you have a side-hustle or a work-from-home “be your own boss” gig? Are you responsible for recruiting and hiring? Or, sales and marketing? Or, perhaps even all of the above? If you fall into any […]

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HireEffect Podcast | The Colony Spotlight

Thank you to Richard Boyer of The Colony Spotlight, Mark “Friedo” Friedman of FriedoNation Productions, and The Colony Chamber of Commerce for a fantastic interview with our CEO, Jennifer Scott. We had a GREAT time!! Listen to learn: why HireEffect was founded some insight into our higher purpose the services we offer (and to whom) […]

Hiring for Culture Fit – My 3 Favorite Interview Questions

I often get asked how to determine cultural fit during an interview. My answer partially depends on how you define culture. If you want to determine if a candidate will be successful in your physical work environment you can ask them to describe the work environment or culture in which they believe they are most […]

6 Tips to Get Your Time Back

If you’re a Small Business Owner, and you don’t own an accounting, technology, or HR firm, it’s highly likely that you did not start your business so that you could do bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, IT, human resources, or recruiting. Yet many small business owners feel an obligation to “do it all,” whether to save money […]

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True Diversity: The Next Frontier for the Accounting Industry

Understanding the Business Case for Diversity Workplace diversity may best be described as the blend of individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, and behaviors — all coming together to achieve a company’s vision. Vision is an important concept for small businesses. There are multiple definitions of the word: the sense of sight, a thought […]

6 Positive Communication Techniques for an Engaged Workforce

It’s human nature. People want to feel a sense of belonging and self-worth. They want to feel appreciated, needed, and connected to something greater than themselves. Positive communication is key. Much like misbehaving (discouraged) children who act out in the absence of these feelings, employees who are left wanting for a positive emotional connection with […]

Fix That Leak in Your Digital Plumbing

As we know, technology upends everything from transportation to accounting, and no one has been left unaffected. Whether you’ve known about this reality for years, or you’re just waking up to it, code is the undercurrent of a future-forward accounting practice. While we don’t all have to become developers (yet), there’s an increasing demand for […]

10 Ways to Love Your Numbers

This Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging you to spread the love! But this year, share some of that TLC with the part of your business many business owners often neglect – your accounting system. To help you out, our team has come up with ten heartfelt ways to love your numbers: Move to the cloud. Whether […]

Attracting and Hiring the Right Candidates

The competition is fierce for hiring top talent. Many say it’s more difficult to find “A Players” than it is to find customers and clients. You are not alone in your conclusion that recruiting and hiring are hard! An understanding of the role marketing plays in the hiring process can help. Recruitment marketing can be […]

Your Year End Small Business Accounting Checklist

Certainly, not every small business has a desire to outsource their accounting & bookkeeping needs. However, it pays to have a professional prepare your income tax return. Your CPA or tax professional, depending on their background and expertise, may also provide a quick review of your data to make sure you meet your compliance requirements. […]