Enriching Your Business: The Power of Effective Bookkeeping 

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Many business owners view bookkeeping as a necessary evil. That may be. And, it’s a critical aspect of running a business. Proper bookkeeping provides a clear and accurate record of financial transactions which can help facilitate making informed business decisions. 

At HireEffect, we understand the importance of knowing your numbers and taking care of your finances. In fact, we preach it. That is why we strive to provide bookkeeping services that exceed expectations. We partner with small business owners so they can focus on what they started their business for in the first place.  

And we’re pretty sure you didn’t start your business to learn QuickBooks.  

We are so committed to providing exceptional service that we publish our Client Bill of Rights on our website, laying out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.   

And we customize our services to fit your needs. We recognize that no two businesses run the same way. We know that no two business owners are the same, either. We want to meet you where you are, so we offer options for you to choose what is best for you.  

We also have learned that every business – and every business owner – needs more than compliance-based bookkeeping to grow efficiently and effectively. 

So, we created three bookkeeping and financial analysis and reporting solutions to support you where you are along your entrepreneurial journey, wherever that may be. 


Do you need more accurate financial records? Would having a better understanding of your books and the meaning behind your numbers help you make better business decisions?  

When you want to know how you’re doing month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year, this is the service for you. 

Our Track service level features tracking where cash comes from and where it goes through clear and detailed reporting. Essentially, we help you monitor your transactions, making it easier to manage cash flow and ensure you have enough money to meet your obligations. And we customize your chart of accounts to ensure you get the data you need from your monthly financial statements. 

Track Service Highlights: 

  • Weekly online 30-minute meetings with your dedicated bookkeeper 
  • Weekly review and processing of income and expense transactions  
  • Leveraging automation and machine learning across systems for optimal performance 
  • Paperless processing of supplier invoices and receipts  
  • Our proprietary secure document customer portal 
  • Monthly reconciliation of all your accounts, reviewing open A/R (who owes you money) and open A/P (how much money you owe) 
  • Tailored monthly financial reports 

At year-end, we even coordinate with your tax professional to make sure they have what they need – in the way they want to see it – to prepare your annual state and federal income tax returns. 

Regular bookkeeping gives you a clear picture of your financial position, helping you identify areas where you can improve your financial performance. 


Are you ready to grow your business and increase revenue? Would it help if you could find ways to save money and improve your profitability? 

With the Plan tier, we work with you to start planning ahead. We take a look at your financial history and your current activity to find ways to improve your bottom line. 

The Plan service level features real-time insights and customized financial reporting & analysis. It includes all the features of Track and adds a monthly consultation with our Director of Financial Reporting and Analysis to: 

  • Create a budget and a quarterly budget vs the actual analysis 
  • Build and produce custom management reporting packages with Executive Summaries, KPIs, Charts Tables, and Financials 
  • Set performance targets and alerts to quickly identify issues 
  • Analyze trends 

When you’re ready for improved financial visibility, a clear picture of your financial position, and help you identify areas where you can improve your financial performance, Plan is for you. 


Predict takes Plan a few steps further. Where Plan focuses on small changes to improve your financial situation, Predict takes your past records, combined with your current activity to predict or forecast where your business will be in the future. Then we take the forecast and compare it to what actually happens to refine future planning further. 

Let’s say you want to hire an assistant or someone to handle your marketing. Maybe you want to offer more benefits to your employees. Or perhaps you see yourself needing to purchase equipment in the next few years.  

With Predict, we can create a scenario based on what you want to do. Then we plug in your numbers to estimate and analyze how those decisions will affect your business financially. It can also help you clearly see at what point in time the scenario would make sense financially.  

Predict is our most advanced financial reporting package. It incorporates all the features of our Track and Plan Services as well as: 

  • A custom P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow forecast up to three years out 
  • A detailed analysis of the impact on the forecast of special projects, purchases, new hires, etc. 
  • Cash forecasting and monitoring 
  • An analysis of Key Performance Indicators (both financial and non-financial) and comparison to industry standards to determine areas of focus for improved performance and cash flow. 

Whether your business is just starting out or you are looking to expand, HireEffect has an offering for you. We provide customized, outsourced solutions for bookkeeping, payroll, and HR services that go beyond compliance. By keeping accurate records, you can have confidence in your financial information and be confident in your ability to make informed decisions about your business. 

We can do as little or as much as you need and want. Our ultimate objective is to help your business grow by getting you out of the back office and giving you the freedom to focus on customer-facing, revenue-generating activities and strategic business growth. Contact us today

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