Client Advisory Services for the Small Business Owner

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Client Advisory Services

Many small business owners are looking for ways to drive strategic business growth and maximize efficiency. A unique, scalable combination of financial services and technological resources calibrated to their needs would be beneficial. If that sounds attractive to you, finding a firm focused on Client Advisory Services (CAS) might be the perfect solution for you.

While bookkeeping is necessary, we’ve found it isn’t the only thing clients value in today’s constantly evolving market. Owner-led businesses need proactive strategic advice from their financial partners. Few of the large firms provide this level of in-depth consultation, at least at a fee that’s affordable to small businesses.

The truth is, both large accounting firms and small bookkeeping firms provide financial reports. But how advice, expertise, planning, strategy, and implementation of tools and resources get disseminated can be very different.

It’s here that the CAS model provides enhanced value. CAS capabilities grow from a set of unique experiences, expertise, and knowledge of the client’s day-to-day business. In the end, it’s the secret sauce that creates value for the client.

What is CAS – Really?

In the simplest of terms, providing CAS means taking a client’s business challenges and applying strategies across several business disciplines to create opportunities that will lead to growth. It’s not just the technical aspects of the financials or bookkeeping. It’s looking at the business as a whole and partnering with the client to make the best decisions with the data and information available for short and long-term decisions.

This level of business-specific holistic advisory capabilities is not easily attainable. A firm that provides clients with advisory services must be able to offer services that include: bookkeeping, financial strategy, IT and software recommendations, management reporting, industry benchmarking, cash flow forecasting, business performance reviews, process automation, budgeting, goal tracking, strategic planning, profitability consulting, and people operations.

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CAS is highly impactful.

Higher-end advisory and outsourced services are most useful when delivered in a comprehensive CAS model. Reconciling the books or reviewing accoutning work done by others is not CAS, even though, by doing so, one can gain insights and provide advice. Stand-alone bookkeeping or tax prep does not help business owners better navigate their market realities.

The impact of Client Advisory Services leads to actionable insights and strategies for your business. The value is apparent when you improve your success rate and achieve your goals by leveraging a comprehensive view of your business performance.

Large Firm, Small Firm

Large advisory firms like KPMG or Ernst Young have excellent name recognition and a strong market reputation, which often helps clients feel comfortable. Those firms also focus on a large number of clients simultaneously, and their associates have high billing hour requirements. While they are happy to drill down on the details of your business when you are paying for their time, CAS may not be part of their fundamental service offering.

In these prominent corporate firms, the advisory team you work with may be familiar with your tax overview. Still, their strength tends to be limited to their capabilities with the technical, financial aspects of your business. Because of their size, they have access to a large pool of experts, but they often don’t have the right talent to offer dedicated CAS, which requires a different skill.

By comparison, smaller boutique firms offering bookkeeping and other back-end outsourced services aren’t under the same pressure to produce billable hours. They often know their clients and their clients’ businesses in a more intimate and detailed way, creating greater synergy. Firms that have scaled to provide expertise across bookkeeping, people operations, HR, and IT, are better positioned to deliver a full array of both technical and advisory services. CAS provides a more strategic and customized approach to customer service. And, the price point often aligns better with a small business budget.

Other benefits of boutique Client Advisory Services firms include:

1. Focus: in-depth expertise in your particular business needs, day-to-day realities, and business problems.

2. Flexibility: Smaller organizations are more flexible in providing services targeted to their clients’ specific needs and can work one-on-one in a more targeted way.

3. Specialization: Smaller firms can more quickly offer an array of solutions from process automation to talent recruiting and development, and free you to run your business.

4. Relational longevity: A boutique firm builds a long-term working relationship with you and your team, staying with you during your challenges and celebrating your business’s growth.

5. Ability to access and integrate technology: IT systems and software expertly integrated to manage data for quick decision-making allows for reliable advice and helps you see what’s ahead on the horizon, especially for a small business.

Navigating an ever-changing market during uncertain times demands that business owners ask better questions about where their businesses are. In our experience, the best, most comprehensive solution in this arena for small business owners is achieved by a CAS model. Your advisors are not only creating necessary reports but providing solutions that generate value through a more in-depth understanding of your business.

Since 2007, HireEffect™ has been helping organizations across various industries grow their operations. We understand that small business owners and entrepreneurs are not necessarily experts at hiring or producing financial reports. So, we built a solution to help. We pride ourselves on being business partners with our clients in critical areas of their organization. Our core services include talent management and recruiting, bookkeeping, payroll, people operations, technology and automation, and client advisory services. Our team has grown, so we can continue to help as many business owners as possible get out of the back-office and back to running their businesses. We are responsive and proactive, and we know your industry.

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