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How To Get Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise

Minority-owned businesses have historically lacked access to capital, and in an effort to level the playing field, governmental bodies and private companies have special designations for minority-owned businesses which can give them an edge. Each business entity type has to submit different forms, so it’s important to choose the correct entity for legal protection and […]

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How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Legal Exposure

Why Does a Small Business Need a Business Entity? The right business entity can empower a small business operation.  The entity will grow and evolve with the business.  It will protect the owner of the business, the owner’s personal assets, but it has to be done correctly to get the full legal and tax advantages. […]

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Mary Kay Your Way to Self Employed Success

The Mary Kay empire, just like Rome, wasn’t built in a day. It took grit, stamina, hard-work, and the perseverance of a female entrepreneur determined to fight against the norms of an otherwise male-dominated society. And though Mary Kay was just “one woman, her son and $5000,” to begin with, today she’s a household name […]

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The ABCs of Self-Employment Bookkeeping

The most forward-looking and successful business owners understand that accurate bookkeeping isn’t trivial. Your numbers – your financial data – tell very specific stories about your business. Whether you are the CEO of You, LLC, or the President of Power as a Sole Proprietor, you need to have a healthy relationship with your finances, because […]

Bookkeeping: Naughty or Nice? 3 Things To Know Before Year-End

Was 2018 Naughty or Nice? Or, There’s still time to change before the year ends. As 2018 comes to a close, the holiday season is well underway. Thoughts of friends and family and feelings of gratitude and joy fill the air. Most people are winding down for the few remaining weeks of the year. Kids […]

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Automation – It’s Time to Take Your Life Back

Technology does not have to be scary. Do you own a business and have employees who depend on you? Do you have a side-hustle or a work-from-home “be your own boss” gig? Are you responsible for recruiting and hiring? Or, sales and marketing? Or, perhaps even all of the above? If you fall into any […]

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HireEffect Podcast | The Colony Spotlight

Thank you to Richard Boyer of The Colony Spotlight, Mark “Friedo” Friedman of FriedoNation Productions, and The Colony Chamber of Commerce for a fantastic interview with our CEO, Jennifer Scott. We had a GREAT time!! Listen to learn: why HireEffect was founded some insight into our higher purpose the services we offer (and to whom) […]

Hiring for Culture Fit – My 3 Favorite Interview Questions

I often get asked how to determine cultural fit during an interview. My answer partially depends on how you define culture. If you want to determine if a candidate will be successful in your physical work environment you can ask them to describe the work environment or culture in which they believe they are most […]

6 Tips to Get Your Time Back

If you’re a Small Business Owner, and you don’t own an accounting, technology, or HR firm, it’s highly likely that you did not start your business so that you could do bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, IT, human resources, or recruiting. Yet many small business owners feel an obligation to “do it all,” whether to save money […]