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Love the “Skin” You are IN

The rise of small and medium sized businesses is evident as you view the landscapes of our communities. Many individuals have taken their exit from traditional work positions and environments and moved on to leading and following their passions as entrepreneurs. Who are these powerful new faces? They are the minority owned business owners. The new leaders are those who are standing up in order to take a step forward and feeling activated to assist others in their own pursuit. Networking groups, meet ups, and many other supportive services are all focusing on this new form of business.

To follow the view of “loving the skin we are in” you will see our conversations have shifted as we seek out those who are seen as successful in their own pursuit. Those who are uniquely different are finding a new path to success as disrupters, and they are effecting change in their actions and outreach. Women, racial minority, veteran, and LGBTQ innovators are stepping up, excited and ready to embrace the new vision of business in our communities.

I truly relate with the topic of minority business owners. As a woman who has worked in numerous industries as a visionary leader, at times it was challenging to push through the bureaucracy and deficit thinking to step above in my own uniqueness. Yet, it was the best experience I’ve ever had for my own personal and professional growth.

Difference in this time is to be celebrated whether it is in business or in our own communities. Being able to embrace being successful is a support to the community; the emphasis on competition is no longer needing to be in play. Being different has replaced being better. We have created a new focus, one on connection and relationship which brings forth the ability for synergy and growth.

What transformed my experience and those of others? In my own pursuit, I choose to support my colleagues and clients to follow these key components.

  • Realize the “WHO” you are in business and how your WHO relates with your market or client connection
  • Find your worth based on your current process in business and be YOU
  • Maintain your worth as you walk forward in your business purpose and potential
  • Create your mission from your heart, mind, and soul to be yours, not from the financial gain it will present. That will come. Be a servant of your mission.
  • Know that stress occurs when we are not remaining true to our worth, purpose, or “skin”
  • Release that which does not serve your purpose and your mission

Once you have established and truly “own” your brand and your message, talk about your passion and work with everyone. Carry business cards everywhere and share your innovation and ideas. My business grew exponentially by word of mouth even without a strong website.

People don’t follow what you DO, they follow who you ARE.

There is a lot of competition and “noise” in our industries. Our clients want a deeper and more personalized connection and service.

In addition, embrace opportunities for social media connections with photos and your own key phrases. I love video and it is the fastest growing outreach in marketing at this time. Be authentic and share your life and brand with others. This allows you to grow organically and develop a true tribe. Continue to surround yourself with people who are experts in the newest tools and services to support you in your endeavors.

Finally, give back your abundance to others in as many ways as you can. Spread the word of how the unique YOU can be the new business focus by “loving the skin you are IN”.


Where will you begin? Are you loving the skin you are in? Is that reflected in your business and outreach? Give these points some consideration, and let us know how they go!



Lori L. Dixon, Ed.S. brings 35 years of knowledge working in education, business, healthcare, and nonprofits. As a visionary leader, therapist, author, speaker, and TV personality, she empowers others to re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths, and embrace their journey in life.

In her newest book, Step OUT, Step UP, Step FORWARD: How To Walk in Your Purpose, you will learn to embrace and overcome your challenges. The focus of wholeness in mind, body, and spirit, ignited a spark to find and share those answers, those “ah-ha’s” with you. Right now, is the greatest and most important time of your life. This journey is yours. You may struggle and fall, but you will learn to honor the steps taken, and live each day transformed. Lori’s mission is to empower you to re-envision your life, embrace your authentic self and to walk your path with intention and grace.

As Lori will share with utmost bliss, her greatest blessings are her children, grandchildren, rescue kitties, and her amazing “co-pilot”, her husband Art.

You may reach Lori at: info@walkwithlori.com, visit her website at: www.walkwithlori.com , or follow her on social media.


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