Effective Talent Acquisition

Attracting, Sourcing, Selecting and Hiring The Right People

Have you identified the main traits of most successful team members? Can you describe what it takes to be a cultural fit and excel in your organization? Are you articulating the value you offer as an employer? Do you have what it takes to effectively recruit the right people for your business?

Identifying, attracting, selecting and hiring the right people into the right jobs is the very foundation of a successful organization. HireEffect’s Talent Acquisition program puts you in a position to hire the best possible talent to drive your business forward. Leveraging your unique company culture and values, we help you hire the people who really match your environment.

Our Talent Acquisition Team can help you:

  • Understand your corporate and team culture
  • Define key attributes for success in a candidate
  • Identify the best sources of talent
  • Draft effective job descriptions and ads
  • Develop innovative sourcing strategies
  • Create a positive candidate experience
  • Learn effective screening and selection methodologies
  • Select for culture fit as well as skill set
  • Measure recruiting achievements

HireEffect is also available to help manage internal recruiters, contract recruiters, and third-party partners to improve productivity and integrate all of your talent acquisition efforts.

When your talent acquisition process is thorough; leverages your culture; and employs best practices, you will recruit and retain your best employees.

We provide our clients a service characterized by responsiveness and professionalism while maintaining dedication to integrity in the HR and recruitment arena. Please let us know how we can help!